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Here at No Voice Unheard, we struggle to do whatever it takes to provide better lives for animals, whether it comes to pets, stray or wild animals. Every animal is a priority.



Here at No Voice Unheard, our goal is to provide better lives to animals – whether it comes to people's pets or stray animals.

Leading the path to quality lives for animals

We have started this venture as a nonprofit organization. Our main goal was to handle stray animals and promote a healthier environment for them, but also to prevent future dramas. In other words, we spayed thousands of animals since we started in 2006.

With time, more and more people turned to us asking for help. We have been given all kinds of cases, but we have also been called to deal with emergency situations, such as animals hit by cars or abused animals.

On another note, we struggled and we still do when it comes to public shelters, which kill animals in their care after a few weeks. We promote these animals and try to find lifelong homes for them in order to save their lives.

It is an ongoing project, but we hope to wake up one day and say – we did it! We have a few petitions trying to change laws and stop the murdering of healthy animals in shelters, but also to increase the punishment for those who abuse and abandon animals.

Animals before entertainment