What we do

Better lives for man's best friends.

Dogs are a man's best friends, but unfortunately, we are not always their best friends. We fail to support them when they are no longer cute, not to mention the high rate of abandonment in senior dogs – the moments they need us the most. Most people fail to realize that a dog is not just a Christmas gift, but a member of the family. If you cannot commit to daily struggle and walks (with lots of love in exchange), buy a toy dog instead.

Our work is extremely diversified and goes in more directions. We try to educate people on the benefits of neutering pets, not to mention the importance of considering what having a dog means before getting one. We also recommend adopting, rather than buying – many dogs die in shelters while puppy farms sell sick and inbred puppies. We deal with abusive cases, but we also try to find loving homes for dogs in all kinds of situations.

Providing better lives to cats.

Cats are easy to look after and as an owner, you must understand that they may leave hair, bother you, upset you, but also love you and show you respect and appreciation. Many kittens end up like puppies – Christmas or birthday gifts before being dumped on the streets. We strongly recommend not getting one in the first place if you are not sure about the consequences. An abandoned pet's life will be a burden on your consciousness forever.

Cats are abused and abandoned on a daily basis. We have an impressive shelter with cats in this situation – healed and ready to find loving homes. We also take emergency cases and answer calls regarding problematic cases and situations. On our spare time – which is not too much, we try to catch and neuter stray cats, only to prevent them from multiplying. After all, kittens born on the street will end up facing even more trouble.

Sorting situations for all kinds of pets.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets out there. For this reason, they are also the most abused ones. However, people get all kinds of pets and unfortunately, many of them end up abandoned or abused. Some of the projects we dealt with include parrots and other types of birds, iguanas and other types of reptiles, snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs and other types of rodents and so on. Horses may also be subject to abuse.

Limited, but doable solutions

Obviously, our facilities are quite limited, so we do not have too many options, especially when it comes to large animals. Donkeys and horses are extremely difficult to deal with because they are fragile animals. Again, here at No Voice Unheard, we strongly recommend researching what it means to have a particular pet before making a commitment.