Because our goal is to educate and inform, we want to make No Voice Unheard publications as accessible as possible. We have set cover prices lower than similar quality books produced by commercial publishers. By ordering directly from No Voice Unheard you are helping to support ongoing outreach efforts.


Additional discounts on One at a Time are available to non-profit shelters, animal control agencies, rescue and educational organizations. Click here for more information.

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One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter


$16.95 / copy


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Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos

$19.95 / copy

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Thought to Exist in the Wild: Awakening from the Nightmare of Zoos
Limited edition Hardcover
Available only from No Voice Unheard

$26.95 / copy

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This program offers a special discount - 40% off the cover price - on packages of 5 books, to give as gifts or donations to schools, libraries, coffee houses, community centers or any place where One at a Time can reach the public. Other recipients might include teachers, clergy, legislators and policy makers, community leaders, celebrities, activists in other fields and anyone who can affect social change.


Giving Package - One at a Time

$50.00 / pkg

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Giving Package - Thought to Exist in the Wild

$60.00 / pkg

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Your generous donation to No Voice Unheard is tax deductible
and will help us expand our outreach and educational projects.




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No Voice Unheard Logo - Tempory Tattoo
A fun fundraiser for No Voice Unheard. Wear the "heart and paw" logo to show your love and compassion for the animals! Approx. 1-3/4" square. (Goes on with water, lasts 3 - 5 days -removable with baby oil or rubbing alcohol, instructions included).

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No Voice Unheard "heart and paw" logo tshirts, mugs, sweatshirts and more
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